Art of Change 21

Following an open call by Lucy Orta, chair of Art and the environment at the London College of Fashion, research students Tzortzis Rallis, Karel Doing and video artist Julie Køie joined together for a project in connection with Art of Change 21, a group of artists, entrepreneurs and social activists who are deeply concerned with climate change.

During a meeting in Paris, in preparation of artistic interventions taking place during COP 21, the participants were asked to give their comments to a series of questions about capitalism, fossil fuels, media, art and solidarity.

The resulting video functioned as a driver for further discussion and was both presented at the London College of Communication and through the social media channel set up by Art of Change 21.

- Is there something like sustainable capitalism? - What should come first; social justice or renewable energy?
- We had 80,000 protestors in Copenhagen 2009. In Paris 2015 what should we do differently? - How can we express our solidarity with climate refugees?
- If we need to go back to a much lower living standard to prevent climate change, would you be happy to take the lead? - Some ecologists argue that the only solution to fight climate change is a reduction of the human population, what do you think about this?
- Population pressure is understood as a driver of climate change. Are you in favour of a family planning policy? - Do we need a reformed economic system or the problem is the economic system itself?
- How is banking related to fossil fuel? - Are mainstream media creating an ecology of fear in order to prevent change?
- Is there a need to liberate the art world from fossil fuel money/sponsors? - Can we place art at the centre of the futuring of the planet?
- Can religion provide an answer to the ecological crisis? - Does technology provide an answer to the ecological crisis?
- Are mega-cities our future? - Is degrowth a possible scenario?


LCC - Documentary Research Forum, London