Surprise and Serendipity
23 April 2014


Organised by Karel Doing, and supported by the London College of Communication Graduate School.

With contributions by Lara Torres, John Kannenberg, Julie Marsh, Artur Vidal, Maria Papadomanolaki, Karel Doing, Elena Brebenel, Manoela Afonso, Carl Grinter and Joana Casaca Lemos.

This project was aiming to bring an array of practice based PhD research together, in an informal and unexpected way. Starting from the hypothesis that individual research projects might overlap more than assumed at first glance, an evening was organised which provided a platform for a mix of disciplines. The event brought students together working in sound art, moving image, performance, spoken word, photography and design. Most of the works were not finalised, and the different pieces were presented without a formal framework, joining the bits together in time and space. This democratic type of programming drew attention to communalities rather than separating each project neatly into its niche.

At the entrance, visitors could hear Artur Vidal's collaboration with Charlotte Law, the sound installation Yokousa Road Like Flower. Next they would encounter Elena Brebenel's Home Pharmacy, integrating pleasant smelling natural oils. In the main hall they could participate in Joana Casaca Lemos' her project Crafting Sustainability made in collaboration with photographer Katherine Needles. Meanwhile, Carl Grinter's video loop created a sensory experience related to the effect of entering spaces. Throughout the event, poetic notes were send by fax by Manoela Afonso, rolling into the space and read out aloud to the public. Additionally, a time based program with works by Lara Torres, John Kannenberg, Julie Marsh, Karel Doing and Maria Papadomanolaki was presented.


Apiary Studios, London