Betacam 8'40'' b&w 2006
Directed by: Die Trottos
Produced by: Karel Doing for Studio één

Two women have a rendez-vous in Rotterdam, the city they chose for their wedding. Their personal approach towards the traditional ritual, undermines the established sterotypes. They evocate the atmosphere of the twenties, and simultaniously parody the topics of the hour. They enchant with their comical and lovely performance.

Screening History:

IFFR 2006 (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Le Petit Versailles (New York, USA)
Dutch Punch (St.Petersburg & Pskov, Russia)
San Diego Women Film Festival (San Diego, USA)
Nederlands Film Festival (Utrecht, the Netherlands)
Internationales Film Fest Braunschweig (Braunschweig, Germany)
Seoul Film Festival (Seoul, South Korea)
Film Museum, Cinema-concerten (Amsterdam, Netherlands)